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Separation to Survival

Separation to the train, as the Jews began saying good-bye

I saw nothing new, there's nothing I can say.

Life or death makes me a good luck to survive,

I cannot tel you where I stay.

Inside the darkness, was the hope taken away?

I saw a deadly shadow, I cannot escape

No door or windows, I cannot dismay

The Angel of the Death, is the wrong way.

Bergen-Belsen, the curse was a slaughter

I saw nothing vivid, everything's a disaster

Not even the barracks, what did I see?

My stories will never end, I will indeed.

The moments of truth, was the divined heaven

I saw liberation, the Jews forced to haven

I can still remember, as the Nazis fades away

My dignity, was a natural disarray.

On the way back, a life improves

With only full of hope, the Holocaust concludes

Peace became through, Jews came freely

With full of life, they came out outrageously

The terrorization of Germany, suddenly began to raze

The suffer of loss, it began to raise

Out of the silence, the next generation got started

The faces of dignity got better

As the dark skies are gone, as they ended

Our lives are different, yet the same

I'm thinking freedom; we can request

As God praise as they cheer

At the first decision, we can follow

And many things happen, we can amend.
Separation to Survival

This is a Holocaust poem if you guys are interested in my poem. I created it since last year ago since I was in 8th grade middle school English class.

Software used: Microsoft Word 2003
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